It can certainly be a challenge to know what the best countertops for an outdoor kitchen are, especially since these home features are generally prone to a number of environmental factors. More often than not, outside kitchen countertops, appliances, and other features increase the demand for superior craftsmanship, materials, and installation. As a result, a failure to take the necessary precautions before choosing any of these facets can sometimes make your investment all for naught, as the costs of repairs and upkeep can rack up quickly. To ensure longevity and practicality to your outdoor setting, here are the best countertops for an outdoor kitchen.


Outside Kitchen Countertops

In terms of keeping up with environmental factors and overall sustainability and longevity, there are three primary options to consider when choosing outside kitchen countertops: stone, concrete, or tile. Where the main differences between them and creativity comes in is with the design, pattern, color, and ability to match with the rest of your house and outdoor features. Here’s some information regarding each type, and popular choices within your options:



There are a number of stones that you can choose from for your outside kitchen countertops, but what’s important to note is how some of them measure against environmental factors. Porous stones like marble and limestone may seem like viable options, but they stain easily, which is definitely not a plus when exploring your outdoor countertop ideas.

One of the most durable stone options is granite, which doesn’t absorb stains or odors like other stones, and doesn’t fade from the sun. Granite makes it easy to clean off dirt, pollen, and other types of debris, and with plenty of color and pattern options available, you can easily match other aspects of your home’s design. Soapstone is another great choice for outdoor kitchen countertops. While your color choices are more limited with this option, soapstone is very resistant against heat, stains, and bacteria. It’s also nonporous, so you’ll never have to worry about resealing.



Choosing concrete for your outside kitchen countertops can easily bring in a more modern and contemporary look, and can complement well with many other designs and styles. Concrete gives you an extensive range of color options to choose from, and even allows you to add features like a draining board behind your sink. On the downside, concrete requires frequent resealing to avoid cracks, which can also become regular with poor installation.



Versatility is huge when picking the best countertops for an outdoor kitchen, and tile is arguably your best option in that regard. With tile for your outside kitchen countertops, you can go with a patterned style, a stone look, an intricate texture, or anything in between. Tile is also the most affordable option, and is without a doubt the easiest for DIY projects. However, tile works better in warmer climates, as cold weather can sometimes put the grout and tile at risk of cracking.


Outdoor Countertop Ideas

Some things to keep in mind when exploring outdoor countertop ideas are location, climate, as well as the style of your home. It’s always best to compliment other features, such as pool houses and patio spaces where outdoor kitchens are prominent. If you choose a countertop, and plan to build the rest of your kitchen around that, it may be a more difficult process.


Galaxy Granite

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