Let’s face it—knowing how to choose a kitchen countertop when renovating your home can be a challenge at the best of times, and a burden at the worst. Homeowners are inundated with a wide spectrum of products, installers, and customizable features from which to choose. While having tons of options at your disposal might sound great in theory, it can sometimes prove a bit overwhelming. 

From material type to color schemes and maintenance factors, homeowners often find themselves spending way too much time determining their kitchen countertops rather than focusing on the rest of the space. Because countertops are an aesthetic highlight in any room, as well as a focal point in the kitchen(the heart of your home!), the time and effort you can save by knowing how to choose a kitchen countertop properly will make your renovation experience significantly easier. 

Below, we’ll discuss some tips and ideas every homeowner should consider when choosing their kitchen countertops.

Consider These 6 Tips When Choosing Kitchen Countertops

Have a Budget

  • No renovation can be made possible without a detailed understanding of your budget. While it may seem obvious, kitchen countertop designs and materials vary pretty heavily in terms of cost, so it’s important to leave some wiggle room in your budget when choosing kitchen countertops.

Consider Lifestyle When Selecting Material

  • The material choice is arguably the most important decision you will make. Think of the different countertop designs in kitchens, and consider what lifestyle compliments that the best. If you’re worried about chips and cracks, maybe a wood or soapstone countertop would be best. Considering stains? A granite countertop could be your move. It’s all about adjusting to your daily routine and choosing appropriately.

Compliment the Rest of Your Space

  • It’s always recommended to pick out a kitchen countertop design, pattern, or color that is going to nicely match your cabinets, walls, appliances, molding, lighting, and any other accessory in the kitchen. All too often do people choose a kitchen countertop design without considering how easily certain textures and colors can clash with other items and appliances.

Feel Free to Be Picky With Patterns

  • If you’re choosing a granite, quartz, marble, or even wood finish for your kitchen countertop, the selections only grow larger when it comes to patterns and textures. Even if you felt like a material is right for you, remember to take into account how patterns can play into a room’s aesthetic. Be sure not to bring in a vibrant pattern or texture where other stand-out patterns already exist in your kitchen, otherwise, it may be a bit much to take in at once.

Take Maintenance Into Effect

  • Similar to how your lifestyle plays a role in your optimal kitchen countertop design, you should also consider the maintenance factor that comes with various materials. Stones like granite and marble tend to last longer than porcelain, ceramic, or laminates. If you choose a material with a shorter life span, be sure to take it into consideration when allocating costs for the future.

Find a Reputable Supplier

  • More high end materials like granite, quartz and other stones often require a reputable dealer to ensure that you’re getting the best quality material for your kitchen countertop design. Since this is an important decision for your home’s future, you never want to skimp out or maneuver around costs, as sometimes the higher price range means higher quality.

Galaxy Granite

Are you considering granite for your kitchen countertop design? Quartz is often the most recommended material choice for kitchens, and can light up a space in a multitude of ways given the extensive patterns to choose from.

For nearly twenty years, Galaxy Granite has been recognized as a leading supplier of top quality granite countertops throughout New England. We know that every home improvement project requires careful decision-making and attention to detail, no matter the size. 

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