When it comes to renovating a kitchen, knowing how to choose granite countertops that appropriately fit your new style and design can be tricky without the right direction or professional assistance from expert granite suppliers. Kitchens, and by association their countertops, can have a massive impact on the value and aesthetics of a home, so it’s important to ensure that you’re choosing the right materials, the right supplier, and the right service before the renovation process begins.

To help you navigate all that, here are some tips on choosing the right granite countertops based on the unique style and properties of your home, as well as some general information on how to find the best suppliers.

Most Popular Granite Colors and Shades

One way to get an idea for choosing your countertops is to explore some of the most popular granite colors and shades trending within the industry. Whether it’s their shine, elegance, or pairing compatibility, these colors and shades are popular for a good reason. Some of the most popular granite colors in today’s market include:

  • Fantasy Brown – A happy medium between Granite and Marble, this pattern features the elegant look of brown marble with the durability of granite. Enjoy cool gray and warm brown waves as they swirl and tumble diagonally across the slab.
  • Silver Cloud -Take the ominous beauty of a storm on the horizon and spill it across a slab to get this beautiful, almost mysterious pattern. Strands of gray, white and silver mix and weave to create a timeless classic.
  • Black Forest – Deep, bold obsidian accentuated with wisps of silver and streaks of gray. The best feature of black forest is how versatile the pattern can prove. The darkness of the base color pairs well with anything and allows pops of color to truly shine.
  • River Blue -. Another happy medium between marble and granite, River Blue invokes a bluish-white hue with cloudy veins of silver-gray snaking along the slab. For many, these veins appear as rivers stretching across land.

When it comes to calculating your granite kitchen countertop costs, be aware that some of these patterns may carry a higher rate, which can quickly add up. This is important to keep in mind during project budgeting.

Spark Inspiration With These Kitchen Granite Countertop Design Ideas

When asked the common question of how to choose granite countertops, interior designers recommend these design ideas and selection strategies:

Compliment the Room

  • Interior designers recommend choosing a granite countertop pattern or color that matches nicely with your cabinets, walls, appliances, molding, lighting, and additional kitchen accessories. While it may seem like common knowledge, all too often people choose countertops without considering how easily certain textures and colors can clash with other features.

Pick Your Pattern

  • While color is certainly important, the distinct pattern or texture of your granite countertop can have a lot to say when paired properly. Monochromatic kitchens can benefit more greatly from extravagant granite patterns, whereas colorful kitchens can require dulled, less busy patterns for optimal contrast.

Knowing Your Lights and Darks

  • One of the more prominent kitchen granite countertop design ideas is proper contrast of colors and patterns. Executing this design strategy involves appropriately pairing your lights and darks, and catering to your kitchen’s benefits. For small rooms, lighter colors can help specific kitchen features stand out. For larger rooms and spaces, dark tones can help accentuate natural lighting and minimize shadows.

Find the Right Supplier

For nearly twenty years, Galaxy Granite has been recognized as a leading supplier of top quality granite countertops throughout New England. We know that every home improvement project requires careful decision-making and attention to detail, no matter the size.

Our team, along with state-of-the-art machinery, will ensure precision and high quality craftsmanship each and every step of the way. For more information regarding our services, stones, or to receive a free quote, contact us today.